First Day Ramblings


Why do you ski? For me it is a bit of a long answer but I love the feeling of floating effortless down a mountain breathing in the fresh air, the whole skiing dynamic. There is also the adventure side of things, every time I leave my door with skis in hand I know it will be some sort of adventure, maybe a new hit at the ski hill, a new mountain to climb or a staple classic with a bunch of friends, wither the skiing is good or bad it is still better than not being on skis. I believe that the positive people of the world say that the journey is equally as important as the destination.  For skiing I can not agree more with this statement, if you get caught up in the destination or the objective you will hopelessly be disappointed and frustrated. For everything to line up perfectly it is somewhat of a miracle of the gods. It is a sport that is so dependent on so many little things that room for error is huge. I mean I know there has been more the one time that I have showed up to a ski hill or trailhead without skis or boots or something. The success’s  by far out way the failures but it is still important to enjoy no matter what. It could be a heck of a lot worse.


Wet Rainy Drive
While this first day was amazing with a successful summit, it started out on a fairly miserable day in Revelstoke, pouring rain to what looked like the tree line. I made plans with Joey Vosburgh  who shares the love of life and shredding like myself. Undeterred by the miserable conditions he said we should still have a go, I was on the fence but it seemed like a much better option than working around the house. We headed down to Mcrae, which is Revelstoke’s early season hot spot. It poured rain the whole way and we were starting to wonder if it was going to be worth it. But sure enough when we pulled up to the parking lot, the rain had stopped and the clouds where parting ways to patches of blue. Right away we knew this was a great decision.


Looking out to the snowy Monshee's

Looking back to Revy


As with every first tour of the year, I am always a little worried about how good of shape I am in. Today was no different , but as we climbed higher, the excitement of being on skis again overtook everything and I just wanted to run up the mountain. I’m not quite finished work yet so I have been trying to keep my excitement level for skiing to a minimum but now there was no holding back. Brain has turned off, real life faded into the recess’s of my brain and all I could think about was skiing.


Joey on the ridge

Who wants a moustache ride?

Touring up through the rolling terrain and onto the ridge brought a smile to my face of the pure efficiency of moving through terrain on a pair of skis. All the while the weather is in and out one minute we are in beautiful sun, the next minute you can hardly see  two feet in front of you. With a short break we scrambled up the last little head wall to the peak. A little exposure here and there to make you feel alive and then we were at the top basking in the sun. Joey had been up a week ago and there had been no skiing from the peak. This time we were able to bag some fun little straight lines of the peak and then a great cruisey run back to the car. The stoke level was all time, first day, first peak of the year, blue skis, new snow, and a great friend (even if he is a snowboarder)! I can only think that it will get better from here. Things are filling in fast and I already can’t wait to get out there. Till next time, don’t work too hard, or in my case work really hard so I can finish and go skiing.

Me heading to the peak!

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