I’m Back

Wow, that was quite the hiatus from the blogsphere. I honestly sat down in front of my computer so many times during the summer to write a blog and got way distracted Facebooking, watching climbing videos, watching ski videos, pretty much anything other than writing. I can’t really say why it was so hard to write  but I was easily distracted, maybe I already have a case of writers block. HAHAHA. Also when summer was in full swing I was working all day and then would go climbing or biking until dark, shovel some food down my throat and then it was time for bed. I mean really, who wants to sit in front of a stupid screen when the sunny beautiful outdoors are beaconing  for you.

But then the days started getting shorter and shorter, until playing after work wasn’t an option. My e-mail started to fill up with ski related questions, as everyone’s minds started switching into winter mode. And then it really happened, the first couple of weeks of September where so rainy and cold it truly felt like winter was right around the corner. Snow on the peaks and continuous rain like I haven’t seen for a couple of years in BC. All of a sudden everyone was talking about winter, the amount of precipitation and long term forecasts calling for a banger year in BC.

What I say is this is the winter where projects get put on hold, you max out your sick days, join the EI ski team because this will be a winter to ski. Each season has its ups and downs but there are the ones that stick with you forever, where it seems like everyday is a powder day. For me two seasons stick out; the first was  98-99, I was still in school, ski racing but it was also the first year that Delirium Dive opened. I skied it a nine or ten times with my Dad that year and every time it seemed like it was up to my waist. I was 13 at the time, the Dive was an insane playground for me and I can even remember convincing my dad to take me out of school a couple of times to go out on the big days (thanks Dad).  The next year was 06-07 when we were filming for Seven Sunny days, I’m not sure if I even remember Seven sunny days that  year. I do remember going to Terrace with 60 foot cornices and it snowing almost 2 meters in two weeks. All I’m trying to say is, if this is the year that everyone is starting to talk about, take some time for you and shred it hard because you will remember season like this for the rest of your life.

Okay I snapped out of it, I got all wrapped up in memories and emotions. Back to the present day. Fall is an interesting time for me because while I get super excited to get out skiing, it is always crunch time at work too. The summer daze is over and the realization that winter well be upon us soon forces us into work mode. Cranking out long hours to ensure that the work is done before the snow flies. It is also exciting because all the work from the previous season starts to unfold. The first magazines are on the shelves, movie premiers are abundant and the internet is filled with videos from the previous years. It is funny how you lose touch with your ski partners and friends throughout the summer, and then this time of year everyone slowly starts getting back in touch! Seeing familiar faces, having a beer and bullshitting about all the good times had in seasons past, future trips and goals are the topic of most conversations. The stoke levels rise and rise until the snow once again begins to blanket the mountains.

The season should be an interesting one for me. A little different, as I have a new gig with Salomon that I won’t get into too much now but I am super excited, as it involves me doing lots of traveling around BC and skiing with as many shredders as much as possible. I know it sounds like a dream job to me too. More on that later though. Other than that, I have a season dedicated to finishing off filming for the Rocky Mountain Sherpas project  “All I Can” and filming more Salmon Freeski TV’s. The line up of trips look outrageously fun and challenging, the winter seems to filling up at an alarming rate but I will make sure to make time for this blog and some fun ski mountaineering trips which is definitely quickly becoming more of a focus for me.

Well the leaves are falling off the trees, I’m off to the infamous Freshtival next week and I’m keenly awaiting the first day on skis for the year. Last year was a Halloween adventure, there is no saying when it will be this year but the anticipation is extremely high. Happy fall, good luck on your first ski adventure and always remember it truly is the- THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Enjoy the photos below, some favorites from the year and the summer. Thanks for checking in!

Sweet kiss of success

Checking Zones

Party barge exploring our backyard!

How rad does Rob look?

Need for speed

Workin It

Joey on Sir Donald

One of the most epic days of my life

Hold onAlmost there

A new addiction







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