WCT Destroys Revy

Sunset behund Begbie

This afternoon I witnessed one of the raddest, gnarliest competitions  to ever go down. With a weather delay for the fog hanging out on the top of the venue it almost looked like the competition was going to be called or at least moved to a lesser venue.

First Venue

The Venue!

When the heli finally got in the air, he managed to get all the athletes to the top in one piece! Big shout out to the pilot, he really made it happen today by getting those athletes up there in seriously challenging conditions.

Frankie and Max ruling the mic!

Once up there the athletes did not disappoint.  With one of the sickest venues I have ever seen at their finger tips, they ripped and hucked their way down the mountain! It was the most entertaining finals I have ever seen! Everybody skied great and through down some amazing lines.

Heli lifting off at the bottom!

The girls absolutely destroyed the venue and would have been right up there with the men.  The men put on a huck show like no other. Jumping off every huge cliff in the venue.

Heli Heading to the top!

Notables came from a huge air off a sick diving board by Sean Cochrane, Phil Hudac sending it huge  and Julie Lopez sending a 70 footer to stomp. Pretty unbelievable action. I am looking forward to next year already. Also a big shout out to RMR patrol for making it safe for everyone and keeping up the positive vibe that everything was going to work out. Kudos to the competitors for ripping that face a new one.

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