Just a quick update from me, well the real update is that pow town is in full effect. January has certainly lived up to its name in Revelstoke, delivering us bountiful amounts of powder snow.  Other than that life has been a bit of a disaster but the skiing is sure good and I really can’t get enough of it. The hill was the best it has ever been today with the powder skiing in full effect. Today was the day I have been waiting for, for three years. It also happened to be the first day of filming with Cody Townsend for the Salomon Freeski episode of Duelling Helmet Cams. We just got new cameras so today was a bit of a learning experience but got of the jest of it and got some great shots. Can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.

Drive To Banff!

Salomon guy trying out the new shred sticks!

In between this and the last post I did a super quick trip to Banff to check out the Canadian Salomon Sales Meeting. I got to ski a morning of pow in Revy and hit the road just making it through before they started avy control. It was  pretty cool to see the Howitzer set up on the side of the road. I got to check out next years hardgoods (which look awesome) and spend a day skiing with Salomon reps from all over the country. It was awesome to see the guys  that sell the skis out there having a great day of shredding. I had a lot of fun with them and it was cool to see people on a different side of the industry that love skiing as much as I do. It makes me proud to ski for the company. Thanks for everything. As for now Cody and I are on a shred mission to come up with the best angles and ideas for the Freeski TV. If you see two guys in bright colored ski suits with dorky looking cameras on the top of our heads feel free to make fun of us or at least come and say hi. We will be at RMR all week.  Anyway have fun out there, play safe (great time to ski at a resort right now), and ski fast take chances!

Doing it right apre/meeting!

3 responses to “Update

  1. Hey Chris,

    Great skiing with you as well as partying on Tues. Look forward to seeing you again this time in Revy!


  2. Hi Chris,
    I fully agree to Francis’s comment: Great skiing, great party… just some awesome days 🙂
    Can’t wait to get back to Alberta/ BC.
    Well, let me know (e-mail) if you’re gonna be in Austria some day and need accomodation to be organized. I’d recommend the “Arlberg” region, the snowiest resorts in Europe.

    Enjoy buddy…


    PS: Don’t forget the lighter when you go out for having a party 😉

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