Sherpas in Revy

With town in a media franzy right now, The Sherpas decided they might as well join the debauchery too. Dave was fresh off a sick trip from Mica with Field Productions and Salomon Freeski TV! From some of the shots that I saw the crew murdered it in deep pillowy powder. Ohhh…deep pillowy powder…..oh yeah where was I, that’s right Shepas in town with more media and rad skiers than I have ever seen in one spot. It was a gong show but we spent two days in the sun skiing perfect bluebird powder (I seem to have done a lot of this, this year). We got out on the skins and skied some really fun lines in the slack country around the resort. It is amazing with this many people here, no new snow in almost a week and there are fresh lines everywhere still. You might have to work a little bit more for them but with the nice sunny weather and beautiful snow there really wasn’t any better idea. After a couple of great days beating myself up filming it was nice to take the spectator seat and watch some of the comp. It isn’t quite over yet but the skiing was phenomenal! Looking forward to watch the rest of it. All for now enjoy the photos. More coming soon! All photos were taken by Malcolm Sangster of the Rocky Moutain Sherpas

Gord shredding into the evening!

Gord Slaying it

FGP- cool shot though

very nice!

Had to go back to this one!

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