Double Overhead in Nelson


When ever I am leaving for a trip my mind is filled questions and mixed emotions of doubt, anticipation and excitement. Not matter how big or small the trip is, you are leaving your comfort zone of home and going out into the wild. Once I have left these emotions stay at home and are replaced with the anticipation of what comes next. Road tripping in the winter is a classic example. I end up driving thousands of kilometers every winter through some of the worst road conditions imaginable all in the name of powder and adventure. There is something about driving into the heart of the storm in the dark of the night that makes me at peace with myself. I know that I am doing the right thing and the next day is going to be amazing. Driving through the snow and rain until I finally see the familiar light of my destination! At times you can hardly see the road, others you are being hypnotized  by the snowing flying at your windshield.  Most of the time it feels that if you went off the road you might never be found until the spring.

Nice place to live! I wonder how much a basement suite goes for?

I remember when I had one of these! I love friends!

I just got back from a great weekend of shredding in Nelson. I headed down to meet up with my buddy Eric Crosland. It is a long overdue trip for me as I have never spent much time skiing in this neck of the woods. In fact I skied Whitewater for my first time on this trip, well ski toured it, the place is amazing. We spent the first day shredding at Baldface Cat Skiing. It was amazing day with the deepest snow of my season so far. The whole operation looks like an amazing place to spend a week at!

Sounds like we should go there!

Tripling on Jake's sled!

Eric Getting Some

Best ski photo I've ever taken!

The next day we headed to the hill, a different experience for sure. There was enough cars in the parking lot to think that the ski hill was actually open. People were making their way up the hill by any means available, post holing in shoes, snow shoeing, skinning, telemarking and sledding. No matter how they got to the top everyone was beyond amped on the amazing conditions. All day you could hear shouts of joy coming from deep in the trees. I had some great guides and they took me on some of the best runs of my year (so far)! It was a great to see so many people stoked on life and powder. Maybe if everyone just enjoyed powder as much as we all do the world could get along (it might get a lot less done too).

Whitewater Parking Lot

The Chairlift

Touring Up

I wish!

A couple of people ready to drop!

All and all another amazing trip with great people who love to shred. Let the shred mission continue. Sounds like everyone is getting some out there. What a great start to the year. Hope you enjoyed the videos and pics!

P.S. Big shout out to Eric and Marlisa for their great hospitality, Damien and Jeff for letting us shred Baldface, Jake for tripling us up for lap after lap, Alex and Jess for the shredding!

10 responses to “Double Overhead in Nelson

  1. Awesome post, pics, and vid dude – keep ’em coming. Counting the days until Westjet takes me and my crew out to the promised land. We are going to rip the shit outta that stuff. T.I.S.

  2. I just had the sickest turns at this rad place called… NAKISKA!!!! Me and a bunch of buddies did a ton of runs over and over again in the exact same spot. It was legendary.

  3. Epic pics Chris, glad we got to shred some runs!! Love the pow cover’n up your helmet cam!! Hope your first experience of Whitewater makes you want to come back for more of the good white stuff 🙂 Look forward to more turns again soon

  4. Sweet Video. If I had to guess I’d say you did two runs in the Diamond Drill trees. I used to ski that almost daily for ten years! Thanks for the rush.

  5. Money post!!! Thanks for the goods. My head was actually tilting form side to side as you were turning. LOL Keep up the great work!!!

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