Heads Up Hockey

With all this amazing new snow out there comes the envitable rise in avalanche conditions. Go out there get your deep powder skiing this weekend but be safe about it. I know that I will be. Check out the latest news from close to revy;



Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am heading down to Nelson to taste some of that great Kootenay powder!


3 responses to “Heads Up Hockey

  1. Hey Rubens, thanks for the stoke man! Broke my heal about 7 weeks ago and may be out for the season, so I will be eagerly watching for updates to keep the stoke alive.

    Cheers, and thanks man!!!

    PS, Lusti is sick!!! Good luck trying to keep up with her!!! lol

  2. Hey Puddles, thanks for dropping me a line. Sorry to hear that you broke your heal. Hopefully the recover is quick and you can get back out there. Thanks for reading I will keep the stoke up for you. Keep tuned for the next post from nelson its a good one. And mom thanks for reading. Glad to hear you are shredding pow in the rockies!

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