Revy Opening

Hope everyone is out there enjoying some of that sweet cherry powder that we all seem to be bless with right now. I am still trying to work but work is running out and so is my motivation. Here is what happened the other day!

Boss: Don’t think  I have work for you tomorrow!

Chris: Jee Whiz that is too bad! Guess I should skiing? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Check forecast! Holy shit it is going to be blue tomorrow. Better do something sweet.

A couple of phone calls later I’m heading up to the ski hill for a lift to the top of the mountain ( thank you very much Revelstoke Mountain and their wonderful Ski Patrol)  and then do some touring.  We toured out towards the cat tenure making sure we didn’t wreck any of that precious opening day powder.

Top of the gondi of the clouds

Touring Above the Columbia Valley

I headed up with Vance, Chris and Sean to shoot for Vance’s “Rev Movie”! We had an amazing day, basically perfect bluebird powder.  We managed to get out there between storms, watch one leave and the next one come in! We got some great shots.

Looking Out at Mt Blanket

Some of our lines

Touring from the resorts

I have been skiing lots this year and am feeling strong but I haven’t got a chance to test out the legs with a cliff. I have been wanting to find something for sometime. I found what I thought was a pretty mellow way to start the season. Turned to be quite a bit bigger than I thought. But it was a great way to test the legs, they felt great…nothing like some early season touring to kick your ass into shape.

Looking top of the cliff


Anyway the point of this little story is that the skiing up there is amazing right now. Everything looks like full on winter and already better than last season. What a great way to start the year.  CYA at the hill Saturday…can ‘t wait only two more sleeps!!!

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