Thats All She Wrote!!!!!

attacking harly's wolf

Don't Even Ask!


All things good must come to an end. The movie tour is over! Along the way I got to hang out with amazing people.  I don’t know how I could put into words the kinda of week I just had. Hanging with my best friends in the world. Traveling around our homeland partying, skiing, being stupid and all and all having the best time of my life. I am constantly amazed at the great people that you meet throughout the ski community. It is great to hangout with like minded people who are just as stoked to shred as we are.  Every show the the stoke was at epic proportions! In between the shows we managed to drag our haggard bodies out of bed and do some shredding. It started with a great day at Bow Summit ( fun but a little scary),  an amazing day up at Sunshine (thanks Sunshine and the patrol staff, especially Rowan Harper (Best wishes and a speedy recovery)), a really fun afternoon up at Lake Louise ( Thanks to Ryan Kapel and Lake Louise), we finished it off with our best day yet at the infamous Rogers Pass. All in all the trip has taken years off my life (self inflicted abuse at its finest) but I have some great stories (maybe not for the blog) ,  some great turns, a couple bumps and bruises and a strong desire to not party for a long time. Time to stop pretending I’m a wannabee rockstar and go shred!!! Here are some photos  from the trip. A big thanks to all the people that made the trip happen Matty Sweet, Bar and Grill, The Rose and Crown, The Drake, Outtabounds, Sunshine, Lake Louise, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Salomon, Smith, Fresh, our small entourage of friends that joined as through out the stops  and all the other people and sponsors that made it happen. The following photos are mainly from a great day in the pass on Saturday! We had the best day I have had yet this season, we managed to get the ski movie entourage up Video Peak in perfect conditions with the sun shining for most of it!

The Swiss Peaks



The Objective- Video Peak

Not to shabby for the middle of November. Keep the fingers crossed!

Christina Lustenberger- I dare you to try and keep up to this one!!

Video Peak Summit Crew

Touring in the pass

The forecast looks amazing, my brain has pretty much shut off to real life and turned on to skiing. I can’t wait to get back out there again. Happy shredding. I will try and get you some more ski shots.



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