6 responses to “Salomon Freeski TV Episode- Volcano Puyehue

  1. SICK!!! Thanks for the stoke! Hopefully I will get on the sticks in late March and start working on some late season touring turns in April!!! Keep em coming.

    Hey, how long did the planning for this trip take???

  2. Yes…thank you for the stoke, for me the only planning for the trip was saying yes! HAHAHA….for the sherpas it was a lot more. Dave Mossop had been to this Volcano ten years earlier and knew that it would be rad to ski. So there was a fair amount of planning involved. We could never have done it without our two guides Nico and Jorge!

  3. That looks like an Absolutely Awesome Trip! Hey man your Blog is excellent. I look forward to each new post, they always make me smile a yearn to get back to the Mountains. My Boys and I had a great trip to the B.C. interior over Christmas. We started in Kicking Horse 12/25 & 26, then on to Revy for the 27th & 28th. All four of these days were fabulous Blue Bird with temp inversions and low skier density. We then headed to Rossland and hit Red for 4 days with new snow each day before coming back to Revy for the last two days and some fresh pow. And by the way, we had the good fortune on our 2nd day at Revy to share a chair with one Mr. Brandon Pollard, pro patroller and all around good guy. We got to talking and I mention following your blog and much to my surprise he told us he was your room mate which I thought was very serendipitous indeed. Now my Sons want to go to school in B.C. and pursue Mountain culture as a lifestyle…who am I to argue? And…
    Santa, that fat and jolly bastard stuffed a Helmet Cam in my stocking so I shot lots of vids on the tour which are now posted on YouTube, TGR and Vimeo. Seach for the Indian Sheppard or primasativa. Not quite Speilberg, but OK for 1st attempts IMHO. Cheers!
    The Sheppard

  4. Hey Sheppard,
    Thanks for the stoke, glad that you are following along with me. It sounds like you had an all time trip to the interior. What a time to come! The snow couldn’t have been better. Good to hear you met Brandon he is a great guy. I can’t really blame your kids for wanting to come out to BC. It really is a special place like no other. Just be careful once you get a taste you might never come back. Your helmet cam stuff looks awesome, keep up the good work.


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