Duelling Helmet Cams/No Boarding/Sherpas

Cody with the metal detector!

The last couple of weeks of my life have been insanely hectic. First event was the big dump that Revy has been waiting for, for three years. When it came in it was super wet and warm, which meant rain in the valley. For whatever reason my basement couldn’t hold the copious amounts water and started flooding. With conflicting views in my head, wanting it to stop raining so there would be no more water in my basement but not wanting it to stop because skiing powder is way too much fun. My good friend Steve Hj came to my rescue (that’s what good friends for)  and we got a huge amount of snow away from the house and we managed to stop the water coming in. Through all this I had to wake up ever hour to man the pump to get the water away from my house. It made for some long stress full days while the skiing was insane. The routine was; get 3 hrs of interrupted sleep then ski pow all day. I guess I can’t really complain but it was exhausting.  During all this Cody Townsend came up to film a dueling helmet cam segment  for Salomon Freeski TV at RMR, making the days really hectic. From there we headed to cabin to film the Sherpas and No Board.

A cool looking Mt Mackenzie

Cody Townsend

Figuring out the Go Pro

We spent a week following each other around  some of my secret spots at the resort. The idea behind the segment is to try and show a day of shredding around with good friends. When I pitched the idea I envisioned just skiing around with a friend for a week (a great way to get more skiing in), it didn’t quite turn out quite like that but it was a lot quicker than regular filming. It was a huge learning experience. Normally when we go filming all we have to do is worry about  the skiing side of things. This time we had the cameras, angles and a mountain of footage to deal with at the end of the day. It made for some super long days but I think we got some really cool shots and we got to shred some rad lines. We started the project with three cameras, one camera got lost the second day after Cody took a gnarly tumble down a straight-line right in front of me. Hence the picture of Cody, unfortunately we did not find the camera and lost some footage with it.  The episode comes out later this year. Stay tuned.

Yes, Cody knows how cool he looks!

Cody showing the boys a little foote!

Burning Candle

Our Humble Abode for a Week

Abma's Sick New Salomon Sled

At the end of our stay in Revy, the Sherpas and Abma rolled into town to do some filming. We headed  to the interior to a little cabin that has super sick terrain. It was kinda of weird to be back on sleds again. I really thought that not having a sled was going to kill me this year but I find myself not wanting  to be anywhere near them this year. Touring in the peaceful backcountry has a  lot more appeal to me right now. Maybe it is because every time I go near a sled they seem to break down. That being said, they got us to some insane terrain and enabled us to do a lot of shredding. Thanks to the boys for doubling me everywhere. We found an amazing zone to shred, it took a day to put in the track in but we lucked out with another day of blue. Good light, perfect snow, stable and good friends what more can you ask for. It was such  a cool zone we decided to session it. Normally when you are filming you go to a zone and once there is tracks in the shots we call it good and move on. This time we just kept sessioning the lines and hits all morning, more like a ski hill run. It really felt like we were just shredding a zone for fun with your buds, good times. We got to try more unique and creative lines once we got to know the terrain better. We have been working with Dave Mossop on some super unique shots for the new movie. This guy is a camera genius, he is constantly  thinking about new ideas. He will explain a shot that he wants to do, for the most part it is so complicated I don’t understand much of it! But when he shows you the shots at the end of the day they are jaw dropping. Super pumped to be on such a rad project with him. The end result is going to be mind blowing.

What next?

The Zone Pre Shred

The Zone Apre Shred!

I know we look goooood!!

Abma Hiking

Abma and Mossop Killing It

Mossop- The man behing the lens!

Mossop time lapsing!

Mossop contemplating another No Board Run

After a couple of sick days, the sun went away and we decided to take a fun day. We were in the heart of No Board terrain so we grabbed a couple of boards and headed out with  Skye Sheele (instrumental in starting this new sport and an all around great guy) to try out No Boarding. For those of  you who don’t know what No Boarding is, this is jest of it; taking your bindings off a snowboard, put a rad stomp pad with a rope on it to hang on to and leash to keep your board from No Boarding and proceed to surf powder. It is a powder specific sport and is the closest thing to surfing that I have ever tried. We got to do some rad runs, trying out what might be one of the coolest new sports out there. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was, it is like big boy tobogganing in powder. For the most part I would just start going way too fast and eat shit but it doesn’t hurt when you crash into powder with nothing attached to your feet.  It was great to unwind after a couple of intense weeks of shredding and filming. Hanging with the boys in the backcountry, shredding powder on boards. Well maybe not shredding but we had a good time.  Good times, pray for snow, starting to feel a little dry around here. Just want to give a big thanks to RMR for tickets and accommodation, and the No Boarders for putting up with a bunch of skiers.

Skye and Cody ready to drop!

Skye no roping

Cody dropping into a pillow line!

4 responses to “Duelling Helmet Cams/No Boarding/Sherpas

  1. Sick stuff dude! Can’t wait to see the footie, looks epic! How’s the GoPro handle? Thinking it might be my next purchase.



  2. Thanks bud. The quality of the GoPro is by far the best. As far as using the camera it definitely could be a little smoother. Three buttons instead of two would be super beneficial. That being said once you get the hang of it, there is no problems.

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    writing is in fact fruitful in support of me, keep up posting such posts.

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