Avalanche Crest

The Objective

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Holidays, anyone around revy, should be enjoying themselves as it started snowing on the 29th and it hasn’t stopped. It really is my favorite time of year, for whatever reason there always seems to be a big storm right around Christmas Holidays. Lots of people but it is awesome to see everyone have a great time! I hope everyone is keeping strong with their New Years Resolution, mine is to keep strong with this blogging thing.  Anyway here is a little TR from a Christmas Eve with my parents.

My mom heading up

Shred doggin

Right before Christmas a decent high pressure rolled into BC bring with it cold temps and very little wind. Thus leaving the snow in untouched perfection. Knowing that it was a great time to ski some big lines I got to tick off Avalanche Crest with my parents. Anyone that has driven towards Calgary from Revy has probably seen this massive avy path above the Asulkan/Illecillewaet parking lot. It does get skied on a fairly regular basis but it is still a great decent. You climb up about 1000m, around the side of it, when you gain the final ridge you are greeted with a magnificent view back down to the highway. The view up onto the Asulkan and Illecillewaet is breathtaking as well.  It is pretty much 1000m of steep fall line skiing right back to your car. Pretty awesome, especially when you are the first ones up there with your parents in perfect boot top powder. A great way to spend the day. No Christmas presents needed after that one.

Dad Shredding

Mom shredding the pow!

Me popping out!

Ursus Minor

Well I grabbed these photos from my parent camera, thanks parents. I am trying to get a camera so I can get more pics up but it won’t stop snowing so it is really hard to take time off to attend to real life(yeah I know, sucks to be me). One day soon I will take a day off and grab a camera so I can keep posting pics. In a couple of days the Rocky Mountain Sherpas come to town and it is time to get down to business and start filming for their new film! I am really excited to start the filming mission, I have been scoping spots all fall and have some really exciting adventures to try out. Anyway be careful out there, there is a lot of new snow sitting on surface hoar, things are getting pretty sketchy! A great time to ride the resort. Happy Shredding!

Little Sifton

5 responses to “Avalanche Crest

  1. Chris – I love your blog and your photos are stunning. Love seeing where you are and reading about it! We’ve had snow and minus temperatures for the last month – very unusual, lots of sledging. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Nice work on the blogs! You need to put one of those share buttons on here so that people can post it to facebook, twitter etc. Just a thought, cuz everytime I read your blog I want to share it!

    Hope you, Lisa and hound had a nice holiday. Hopefully I will make it out there soon!

  3. Yay mom and dad Rubens! They’re killing it! Mine are both back in Ontario – I’d love to get ’em out in some deep stuff here sometime so they can share some of our fun. 🙂 Nice that you can share experiences like that with them.

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