Chaos In Revelstoke

It is a crazy time in Revelstoke, after a record breaking Christmas rush we are experiencing a different sort of rush. The rush is from pro athletes, movie companies, photographers, big mountain competitors!  I have never seen anything like it even in Whistler. We got up this morning to see well over 100 people hiking up to the sub peak. Big lens and tripods following the action closely. I have to say it is a weird feeling seeing all these people in Revy but when you see the grins on their faces it makes you stoked. It is great to see so many people here enjoying the resort and getting along like regular human beings. I have said it before but maybe if we all skied the world would get a long a little better. Skiers just seem so chill and satisfied for just being in the mountains and nature. The conditions were perfect for shooting today, blue skis perfect powder, avy danger is a little on the sketchy side but we were able to play safe. Today was the first day of shooting for the Sherpas new movie “All I Can” ! SICKK…photos to come.

3 responses to “Chaos In Revelstoke

  1. Chris! Just found your web blog thingy… and it’s frickin rad. Now I’m going to stalk you like you don’t know what! The revy life is looking very attractive. Don’t get me wrong, the Squamish is great for the biking but she sure ain’t no shred-town.
    Anyway, great to see your doing good. Let me know if your ever passing through.

  2. It’s been a media madhouse around here! I can’t believe all the super sick shots coming out of this place. It’s not going to be the same… word’s out for real now.

    Checking out any of the comp?

    On a side note, heard word that dudes were hucking front flips off 100 footers along Gracias today – do you know who it was?

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