Best Time of Your Life Webisodes and FWT


Check out the first webisode of “Best Time of Your Life”. It takes you through the amazing early season skiing that I got in. Be sure to check back from time to time because there are plans to put out more over the season. The next piece of great news is I bought a new computer. So hopefully I can get a little more video out there for you all to enjoy. Pretty handy having those little Go Pro’s everywhere you go. Very Stoked!

It has been a crazy week in Revy, with lots going on! The FWT stop and the Salomon Sales Meetings going on at the same time, I have been managing to split my time between the two. To top it all off we got hit by the biggest storm the mountain has had to date. The powder skiing has been pretty incredible and everyone has a smile from ear to ear because really who doesn’t like a little powder. The storm has been causing delays in the event but it looks like all is a go tomorrow with some better weather coming in. Trying out the judging thing for my first time. Super fun, maybe even a little nervous, don’t want to piss anyone off. It is a rad judging crew with Jim Jack leading the charge, Dash Longe and Jamie Burge as my counter parts.

Hope everyone is playing safe and enjoying some delicious powder. I know I am.

2 responses to “Best Time of Your Life Webisodes and FWT

  1. Hey congratulations what did you buy. We even had pow up at the Lake. Well not as much as you but it was GREAT. I love pow.

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