Opening Weekend

One way to get to the top of a mountain in Nate's super truck

End of the road

Ski lifts are truly one of the coolest things in the world. After an amazing opening day on Friday I found myself waking up Saturday morning, crippled and feeling old but all I could say was “There is a lift that will take us to the top of a mountain”! After an early season of sketchy skinning and bushwacking for a few precious turns, we now have an amazing lift that avoids all of that and takes us to instant paradise. While opening was a little thinner than years past, the snow quality was completely out of this world. Opening day was followed by a couple of amazing bluebird, perfect powder days. We did try to get rad, and we did get super-duper rad but it was a little too rad for the lack of snow conditions. With low tide conditions chutes and faces that are normally easy become tense procedures to get down. Once we realized that maybe the alpine isn’t quite ready yet, we had some phenomenal runs in the trees.

Got there at 7 am to be this far back in the line, times are changing!

But we beat all of them!

Separate Reality

And so now it begins…the true start of winter for me. Work is finally finished and it is time to ski work. By far my favorite time of year. This season is already filling up which has its pro and cons, mostly pros. Every year is a stumble into the unknown and I can’t wait to see where this one will take me. First stop is Whistler,  for meetings (that is what the chairlift is for right)! Then ideas..ideas…ideas….which ones fall into place only time will tell. Until then have fun in the snow, looks like the pow storm has just began. Hope to see you on the slopes! Thanks to Revelstoke Mountain Resort for hooking up a kickass pass to the lift that takes you to the top of the mountain.

Mackenzie peak about to get GNAR!

Sea of clouds

Columbia Valley

One of the best lines of the weekend! Creamy!

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