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Well here it finally is, the long awaited Morocco blog. It was very hard for me to cut down the photos because they are the most amazing photos I have ever taken and the whole country was absolutely breathtaking. So with out further ado; The Morocco Blog!

I step out of the plane and a wall of warm, humid desert air hits me. Looking around at the palm trees my thoughts immediately switch into surf mode. It is way to hot to be thinking about skiing. My thoughts come crashing down when our enormous overweight ski bags come trundling down the baggage conveyor. With bags in tow Mossop and I manage to convince a taxi to take us and our ski bags to our hotel. Some interesting packing ensues but nevertheless we mange to get it everything in the taxi (pretty sure they have never seen skis before).

I have just met Mossop in Geneva and  jumped on a flight to Marrakech, Morocco to meet up with Kim Havel, Kristoffer Erickson and Jordi in the latest Salomon Freeski TV adventure. The plan is to ski 4000M peaks in the Atlas Mountains.

Our taxi pulls away from the curb leaving us with our mountain of gear wondering if we just got duped by the  taxi driver. The instructions from Erickson did say we had to walk a little bit to find the hotel but the alley that is put forth looks rather daunting. With little choice we shoulder our bags and make our way down the alley with little choice but to stand out like two white guys with ski bags in the streets Marrakech. Sure enough 20 feet later we have an entourage trying to sell everything from hash to a place to stay. We just try and keep moving, and not look too scared. By this time my heart is racing and I’m in survival mode, they  seem to be closing in and we still can’t see the hotel. Are we really going to get robbed before we even make it to the hotel? Just when we had lost all hope and we see the sign for the hotel and just about run to it.

Once our nerves had cooled down, I began to realize what I had got myself into and was in for the adventure of a lifetime. Our first nights experience was not a precedent for the trip but merely the shock of traveling into a different culture and way out of the comfort bubble. What we would quickly come to realize is, Moroccans are very nice people that will open their houses to you. The countryside and mountains are incredible and it is a place that I would highly recommend for everyone.

For the rest I will let my pictures and the episode tell the rest. Morocco was incredibly photogenic and it seemed like just when you put your camera away, you would be pulling it out to take another shot. Hence we have a bit of a longer show, so when you get some time grab your favorite beverage and sit down and enjoy some great pictures. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out the Salomon Freeski TV episode this fall.

8 responses to “The Morocco Blog

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  2. Epic-ness. I am sure all the westerners will be flocking to morrocco after this video!!
    but for real, amazing pictures!we should hang out one time eh? haha
    hope revy is good!

  3. Hey Chris:

    How wonderful, to BE in Morocco!! your descriptions are vivid and I know where you get the writing talent from! Unfortunately here in Nepal your ITUBE seems to sort of slow down or freeze from time to time, but I will try again. Take care and continue enjoying and living life to the full. chrs, Dyane

  4. These are amazing! Great Photos and love the music. I feel proud to be your mom. Look forward to your next adventure and blog.

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