Getting Fresh in the Fields

Mummery Raddness

So I know this blog has been a little quite as of late. I personally blame it on not wanting to get on my crappy computer because between my slowness and the computers it takes me days to get these things up there. I think that is more of an excuse for being lazy and a little burnt out at the end of the season. I find it very hard to write down something that I can be proud of  when I’m that tired (its hard enough when I’m fresh). But anyway enough of my complaining, here is a little slide show that I put together from this last trip to the Freshfield Icefields.

This was the trip that I was most looking forward to all year and it certainly lived up to all of its exceptions. I hope you enjoy one of the last touches of winter. I’m planning to get out a couple more times before the season is totally over but I would be very surprised to get conditions like this again. It has been a great spring in the rockies, I hope everyone has been outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Turn on the HD for much better quality. Thanks and enjoy!

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