Europe Road Trip Part Deux

Kaj and MD excited to check off another new resort!

Alright where was I, oh yeah skiing ridiculously deep powder in Limone! Hehehe….it just kept snowing and snowing, unfortunately we were running out of safe terrain to ski and the chances of it being safe in the alpine were slim to none. With it still dumping outside it was time to move on. It seemed so wrong to drive away from the snow but it was time to move. Once again we started checking the weather and it seemed that the Dolomite’s were getting snow as well but not too much. All of us really wanted to check out the mountains, so we jumped in the car and started making our way.

The Dolomites

The Dolomites

We drove across most of  northern Italy leaving the snow behind. As we approached our destination the lack of snow had us all thinking that we had made the first bad decision of the trip. But as we crested the last pass before San Martino Di Castrozza we finally hit the snow again. The snow banks once again grew and grew. After a morning of shredding , straight into a seven hour drive we were all pretty bagged. But it was puking again so it was hard to contain the stoke. We found a hotel, ate some pizza, met up with our new photographer Mattias Fredriksson and hit the hay with the anticipation of skiing more powder in the morning.

We woke up to another fresh 20cm on the ground. Yes life was good…we headed up the hill with little to no idea of where to go. Once again we headed to the first trees we saw, once again we chose the right trees right at the start! We found a fun little pillow zone in some nicely spaced trees. We put a nice bootpack in and had a super fun session, by the end our powder smiles were wide, our legs tired and our tummies hungry, a sign of another great day. At this point we had been skiing for seven days straight, needless to say we were starting to get a little tired. The forecast looked good for the next day so we headed to bed early in an effort to recover our aching bodies.

Sea of Clouds from the top of the Rosetta Tram

The next morning we woke up to a mix of sun and cloud, we headed up the other side of  valley and headed up the Rosetta Tram! We were the first ones on the tram, well the first public, two locals guys had already done two runs by the time they opened up for us. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  There was no easy way down , with multiple enormous cliffs and mandatory traverses which would have been fine to find but there was a thick cloud layer in the middle that meant you couldn’t see much of anything. This cloud layer provided one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen, once you were on top of it. We had made another great decision by picking the tram we made it above the sea of clouds and were rewarded with a very scenic view of only the highest peaks in the Dolomite’s poking through the clouds. It was hard to find much to ski without knowing if the line went or ended in a massive cliff. We managed to find some fun lines to ski but mostly we enjoyed a beautiful view.

Rosetta Tram coming out of the clouds

MD Shredding

Loving life on top of Rosetta

With the next day promising sun, we headed up the other side of the valley early hoping to find some more lines to ski. We struggled with fatigue and difficulty of finding good terrain that had not already been sun baked. After an hour of floundering the clouds came in and made the decision for us, back to the trees. After a couple of sunny days and having about enough of skiing trees we knew it was time to move. We all wanted to have a sunny day and really try to ski some lines/couloirs in the Dolomites.

MD getting some!

Kaj likes the powder in his face!

MD sending it in the trees!

Kaj had a friend in a nearby town, the forecast looked better over there, so we headed to the town of  Canzei to meet up with Dimitri Rizza. With us in tow, Dimitri started the tour off with a stop at Marmolada. This is the highest ski resort in the Dolomites, making it a windy one too. It was a crazy hill with three tram rides to the top, each tram station more precarious than the last. We had a super fun day and it was great to have someone know where they were going. Me and Mike spotted a fun looking walled in couloir early in the morning. After a short hike up, we got to ski one of the coolest features ever, a little sporty following each other through it but super fun.

Kaj is a very happy man!

I think this chair was a first for all of us!

Got to hike this sick little couloir with MD!

Taking advantage of having a local to show us around we had a super fun night out on the town in Canzei. It was the last night of the trip and our first night out. The next morning was a little rough but we still wanted to ski one of the famous big Dolomite couloirs. We headed up to a tram at Passo Pordoi, it takes you up to a mountain with huge cliffs with sick couloirs through them. The top is relatively flat so you can ski a bunch of them pretty easily. Unfortunately it hadn’t snowed for a while and they were pretty beat down. The experience of skiing down them was all time though. I couldn’t imagine skiing them in good snow.  With the snow being less than desirable we made the call to get on the road and start the long drive back to Geneva.

Sella- A good enough reason to want to come back!

So Sick!

All in all this was one of the best trips I have ever been on! We managed to ski all 12 days, 6 new resorts, skiing everything from lines, to booters, to bottomless pow , to sweet Dolomite couloirs! It will be very hard to beat a Europe road trip like this, I am officially in love with this place! Thanks to everyone that helped along the way, my great traveling companions. And especially to Mike Douglas and Salomon Freeski TV for putting such an awesome trip together.

Best Time of Our Lives!!!!!!!

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