Black Tusk

Hullo from Whistler, that’s right Rubens in the heart of Whistler during the Olympics! I kinda can’t believe that I convinced myself that it was a good idea. That being said it wasn’t just a great idea, it was one of the best of the season so far. Whistler is going off, people with huge smiles on their faces having a great time in adult Disneyland.  While the skiing leaves something to be desired right now, the sun is shining, the events seem to be going smoothly and it is great to see such a large number of people getting along with big smiles on their faces.

Bottom of Woman's DH


Olympic Rings

Being able to watch my sister in her events has been a real treat. I don’t get to watch her events very often so it is great to see here. She had an amazing result in the Super Combined and has been skiing incredibly strong. Definitely one of the best skiers out there. I am expecting big things to come in the next little while because with a bit of confidence she has the ski ability to be winning these races.  Very proud brother right now. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for her. I have to say watching the her in the downhill was rather scary. I definitely got a taste of how my mother feels, it is very nerve racking! I was at the bottom shaking when she was skiing. It seems to be a lot harder to watch, than to do it. Needless to say once my sister was on course my nerves were calmed as I watched how smoothly she came down the hill!

The Before Picture

Mt Tremor

Hiking up the Tremor Col

Some Wigglers!

Other than taking in the Olympics we have had some awesome days touring off the hill. I spent a day with Hoji, Mike D and the Sherpas, trying to film in 100 km/h winds! Fun but didn’t get much done. We took the opportunity to scope some lines.  In the process we ended up wandering through the Spearhead Traverse!

Eric and a big crevasse!

Ski touring on the moon!

The next day Eric and I jumped on the first lift and headed up Blackcomb in hopes of skiing the NW face of Mt Tremor. On the way out Eric half jokingly said,  “If the snow looks like crap we should just keep going and do the Spearhead Traverse!” As soon as I heard that I knew that is what I wanted to do, the snow was crap and I have been looking for a day to test how strong I am. Luckily probably for one of the first times of our life we brought a map. Prepared with a map, a fair amount of water, 4 granola bars each we made our way out past Tremor! We kept moving fast all day, saw some amazing terrain and even managed to ski the summit chute on Fissile on the way home. We aren’t really sure if we did the Spearhead traverse but we did make it from Blackcomb to Whistler. Now we have had a good scope of the lines out there the ideas seem limitless but Mt Fitzsimmons definitely stands out as a line that needs to be skied. Hopefully make it back there before I leave here. We made it back to the village before dark and managed to successfully eat three dinners and party at Sushi Village in our ski boots. We finally made it back home at 1:00 am after being in ski boots for 17 hrs straight. Good times. One of the best days of the year.

The Last Part of the Route- Down to the Fitzsimmons Glacier, up to Overlord and Fissile

Eric on the Fitzsimmons Glacier

Eric heading for Fissile

So pretty!

Summit Chute on Fissile- Steeep!

Fissile= Siiiiiicccccckkkk!!!

The After Picture

The After After Picture

3 responses to “Olympics/Spearhead

  1. Dude, thanks for the post! Great story!. Not sure if you remember but I was the guy with the shattered heal, well got the go ahead to start skiing again! Thanks for sharing so far and helping me make it through the first half of the winter!

    Time to shred some gnar ; )

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