Good Times

I swear every time I write on this blog I tell you that it was the best time ever but the last two weeks have been incredbile. I’m not sure if I have ever had this much fun on a pair of skis. It almost seems unfair to humanity to have this much fun. The feeling of floating through effortless powder is a feeling that doesn’t seem to get old.

Sunny above the clouds!

It all started with a couple of great days shooting with Eric Berger. A super fun day skiing above the valley fog. Then I headed for the first annual Fresh trip. The roster included Hoji, JP, Blake Jorgenson, Lesley Anthony, Dave Mossop, the man Steve Saranchuk and myself. We skied fresh powder at Mustang Powder for four days working on cool angles in the pillows. It was such a treat to get to shred with Steve (who is shredding). Lots of skiing and great filming for the Sherpas project. Skiing with JP and Eric is about the funnest thing you can do. Everyone stoked and mellow vibe, good times.

Good times!

From there we spent a day at the hill, and then started the touring mission which could have been called avoiding avalanches mission too. We spent two wicked days touring around Revy with our great friends. They pretty much pounded us into useless pulp, showing us that we really are just pre-madonnas. We got to ski some awesome lines on Begbie and then headed to Rogers pass and did the Tupper traverse. It was a ski safari of some of the sickest terrain I have seen. Hanging out with your best friends skiing fun lines, avoiding avalanches, good times!


Now I’m heading to the Olympics to cheer on my sister and hopefully get some filming in. I am tired and burnt but all I can think about is more skiing. Too much fun! We got a big hit list out there so hopefully the conditions shape up and we get to ski some lines. Good Luck Shona!

Fresh Team

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