Fresh Trip

Well after a couple of days of great touring and a great day of shooting off the hill. I’m headed back to Mustang Powder for the Fresh team trip. For those of you who don’t know Fresh. It is a little freeski store in downtown Calgary. It was one of the first ski stores to cater to freeskiing and only carries twintips. The owner Steve Saranchuk is a great friend and has had a bit of rough go of it, as of late. I am super excited to see him back on skis and shredding some great powder turns with him will be a main focus of the trip. It should be a super fun trip shredding with Hoji, Bushy, JP and Callum, with the Sherpas and Blake capturing the moments.  I get back sometime towards the end of the week and then I have to find away to crash the olympics and watch my sister race. Here is a little comedic relief, Mercer is a very funny man.

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