So I have been kinda of getting into this whole blogging thing. It is a great outlet for showing all the things that I get to ski when I am not filming. It is also a new challenge to go out there and get shots that are worthy of other people wanting to see.  When it come down to it, the writing is by far the most difficult part,  but it feels great to write something down at the end of an adventure. The reason why I am telling you all this is that I thought I was getting good at the blogging thing and documenting my adventures. That was until the other day. I had this touring trip out of the resort planned. I had seen a couple of lines a few days early, conditions were right so I headed out there with a group of boys. We started early and the light was epic. I reached into my pocket to grab my camera and snap some shots. I took the camera out of its case and went to turn it on. Surprise, surprise….no battery. I had done good the night before by charging my battery but forgot to put it back in. So long story short I still had an epic day of skiing with the boys. HAHAHA….yup I love skiing.

Yup that's me!

Anyway all joking aside, I have had a couple of wicked days touring around Revy. I got the new Salomon Quest touring boot and am loving trying to run up mountains. I also borrowed a pair of Fritschi bindings so the new setup is a lot nicer than trekkers. I guess the real big news is that I have a pair of dynafits on the way. Pretty much trekkers to dynafit, oh my god I can’t wait. Greg Hill here I come….okay maybe not that far but now I can drink way more beer the night before and still be able to make it up. Hahaha… well here are a couple photos of some great days of touring around here. They are pretty much all scenics, still working on my Action Sports Photography!

It has looked like this a lot lately!

One of the coolest trees I've seen! This tree was a highlight of the week!

Looking up it!

I had to get inside!

Oh the pretty trees!

Lusti too fast for this camera!

That is all for now folks. The forecast is looking awesome, the conditions are perfect, seems like skiing is a great choice right now. Mossop is rolling into town soon for more filming and then we are off to Mustang again for the Fresh trip. Can’t wait. Stay fit and have fun.

3 responses to “Blogging

  1. Great stuff dude! Can’t wait to read more and see some of your epic pics from your epic trips! Can’t say I haven’t done the same with the cam battery either ;D

    Keep your tips up!


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