Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas Everyone. Santa seems to have given us the early Christmas present of blue skies and perfect powder.  Just wanted to drop a cool little video from  shredding the hill the other day. This is a little helmet cam of some of my favorite runs at RMR. This is also the last time my helmet cam worked. HAHAHAHA….a new one should be coming along shortly. Keep the shred dream alive and remember to take a deep breathe when dealing with swarm of people at ski hills during X-mass time.


11 responses to “Christmas Greetings

  1. hey!
    SIIIIIIICK Vid bro
    I am really wishing that i was there with you and the folks for a christmas ski! It pretty much rained all day here with a little snow in between. We tried to train but were SO wet by the time we got up the lift once it was kaiboshed(how the balls do you spell kaiboshed?) Anyways, the hills are green and we have one line of skiable snow down our little local hilll. CRazy times in austria. I hope i get to see some of that white fluffy stuff a few times this winter!
    Much love,
    Merry christmas
    talk soon

  2. Yes I love all the stoke out there. What a great time of year! Things are awesome. Snowbum I have been looking into the Contour HD cam, not sure what your thoughts are but I would love to hear them. Also trying to buy a new point and shoot, if you have any thoughts. Thanks in advance.

  3. Contour HD or HD1080i ? – They make it a little confusing.
    The earlier model (HD) had a recall on warranty, the play/stop button wouldn’t stay in position. Both models will get water in them if used in wet snow or rain and isn’t covered under warranty as it’s only water resistant (though I believe they’ve just released a water proof case accessory). I’m not a fan of the entire weight on your head and the case will add to it’s bulk.

    Was your old cam attached to a recorder in your pocket? I like this method and prefer the VIO POV.1.5 It may be a little more pricey and not HD but the camera is almost weightless on your head, it gets a better image by handling light/dark changes better and works flawlessly, it has a LCD and is waterproof – One of mine did 80 days attached to my board binding and was never dried out, it took some massive hits without dropping a frame. I like that it uses AA batteries that can last 10hrs use, that way your not without a camera during recharge. The down side (compared to it’s rivals) is a tethered camera (single digital cable with mic), 110˚ view and 8GB card (6hrs record time). I don’t believe the lack of HD is a issue as it doesn’t work as hard to process the video.

    For a full HD all in one waterproof cam the GoPro HD is excellent as long as your not worried about looks, no LCD or lack of cam while recharging – you can get spare batteries.

  4. Not up to date on P&S cameras, I use a DSLR even in bad weather (It’s my job).

    I do carry an Olympus shock/waterproof camera, well.. my 6yo daughter uses more than me.

    GoPro cams are very similar to a P&S they do take great stills – I’m not sure of the MP maybe 10MP. Killing 2 birds with one stone.

  5. Hey snowbum, thanks for the awesome info on the cams! It was super helpful. I have been using a VIO Pov that I got less than a year ago. I have already had trouble with the cable and had to get it replaced once already. Now a couple of the pins broke of at the recorder while I was skiing. Shouldn’t have happened with the connections screwed in! Honestly wasn’t very impressed with the system, that being said I am pretty hard on gear. The actual camera was awesomely light for wearing putting on the head and the double A batteries was awesome to deal with. The wire connection thing never worked that well for me. I think I am going to give the Contour HD1080i a shot first. See how it does against the water. The gopro looks like a sweet camera but I agree with you on the looks. It would be great for both of these new cameras to have a monitor to hook up to, to confirm what it is pointing at. It is easy to tell for basic helmet cams but as soon as you want a unique angle it becomes more difficult. That is a nice part about the VIO. Thanks again for all the info

  6. You absolutely murdered the lift line. So sweet watching someone rip who knows the mountain so well.

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