Hey Everyone, sorry for the lack of blogging lately I feel bad but I just finished work for the season and I have been shredding everyday since. My laundry pile is getting larger by the day, my place is a biological disaster, I still haven’t unpacked from my trip a week ago.  My legs feel like they have concrete blocks attached to them and they beg for forgiveness every turn and drop I make them do! Ah the life of a ski bum!

The conditions in Revy have been unbelievable for the last week and half.  I really can’t remember the last time that I skied this much powder. I try to take a day off but there is so much powder that needs to be skied. I put down the cameras (well all of them are now broken or lost hahahaha) and shredded with some great friends. Skiing top to bottom runs at RMR with your best friends in perfect powder has got to be one of the funnest things you can do in life. It is what I got into all this stuff to begin with, I hope that I never forget to have fun shredding with friends. So far it hasn’t been a challenge. So for now you are just going to have to take my word that conditions are great and we are killing every line out there! HAHAHA! What I do have now is a feeling that can’t be replicated or duplicated by any amount of money, video or blogging, that is pure stoke!  And I hope all of you are out there shredding with your posse because really it doesn’t get any better. Thanks to Bobo, Andrew, Eric, Lusti, Marty, Lisa, Mikey Man, Riley and Vance for great shred partners. Cheers to the good life!!!


2 responses to “Shredding

  1. Great sentiment. New undies in my stocking let me ignore the laundry pile for a few more days and keep having fun. You’re killing it out there, buddy.

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