Video- Mustang Lodge

Just made a quick video of me chocking on snow in Mustang, I just shot this with my little point and shoot but I think it turned out pretty cool! Too bad I didn’t close my pocket in Revy and lost it. Ooopppsss…..might not be some photos for a while.

Side Note:  So I am sitting in front of my computer, it is four o’clock in the afternoon, I’m still in my ski pants! I didn’t actually go skiing though! I put my ski gear on to do interviews, then I have been sitting in front of my computer for the last four hours working on ski stuff. Not quite the same as it use to be. But pretty funny! I feel like such a poser though!

3 responses to “Video- Mustang Lodge

  1. Looks like you are trying to catch flies. Hope there weren’t any in the snow. Still this is awesome. Too bad about the camera! Won’t some one sponsor you?

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