Revy Opening

Dumping at the Cheeky Beaver

Well the days of a quiet little town called Revelstoke are officially over. People came from near and far in search of Revelstoke’s fabled powder. The ones that showed up late might have been a bit disappointed but the ones that got there early were certainly rewarded for their efforts.

The Back of the Lineup!!

We made it to the bottom of the gondi lineup by quarter to eight and were nowhere near the front of the lineup. Some people had been there since 5:30 and even brought a couch to hang out on. Once we got whisked up the gondi we got three good quick runs before the masses got to us. I skied with lots of people all weekend but the two that kicked my ass all weekend was Christina Lustenberger and Izzy Lynch. Every time my legs got tired and I wanted to stop I would see these girls fly by me shredding harder than most men I know. Watch out ski world these two shredders are two girls  that you will be hearing lots about in the next few years, that is if you haven’t heard of them already.

Front of the Line

After the first three laps  the lines ups got longer and longer, but it  gave everyone’s legs a well-earned break. Fortunately it is still early season so peoples legs gave out and most of the locals hate waiting in line ups!  So while everyone was eating lunch we hiked to the sub peak and when we came back in bounds the line ups were gone! We skied until our legs said no more and then we still made it until the end of the day. It was a busy one but there was no shortage of powder up there.

Shredder girls Lusti and Izzy

Waking up on Sunday felt like someone ran repeatedly over the middle of my body. We were up in the line up at 8:00 again, this time much closer to the front of the lineup.  The first couple of runs were a little rough, getting the body going again. Then I started getting into the swing of things. Before I knew it we were doing top to bottom Kill the Bankers (under the gondi line) in waist deep snow. I couldn’t believe it, skiing the lift line in November, the bottom was a little thin but the top was well worth it.

Lusti, Yeah She stomped it!

We spent most of the day on the lower mountain with fresh lines all to our selves. I really can’t remember a weekend were I have skied that much powder. Thanks to the people who built the best ski hill ever! Can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend!

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