Just had the sickest day up at sail. Somehow we managed to punch the trucks pretty much too the top. This required driving through some seriously deep snow. It has been a week since we have been up there and it really is starting to feel like winter up there. There must have been at least two to three feet of new snow and the skiing was as good as it gets. It was good enough that I couldn’t stop to take pictures.  Ooopppsss… does that make me a bad blogger..oh well I had a good time! Great to be out in the mountains, good friends, great skiing, powder on my face and powing snow all day! Today was one of those days that makes me feel grateful for where I live. Yeah pow. Heading to the rockies tommorrow for the MSP and Field Productions premiers. See yah there or on the slopes. More updates coming. Yeah winter, I love this shit!!!! Hope everone is getting some!

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